Over 1500 boxes have been given to North Devon

chemotherapy patients

What's in a box of kindness?

Over 40 different items go into a box of kindness, some have been donated, some sponsored but most have been fundraised for by the amazing North Devon community. If we add up the cost of all the products in the box sponsored and bought we get to a total value of £80-£100. 


Our boxes of kindness are given to patients on their first chemotherapy treatment in the Seamoor Unit at North Devon District Hospital. The hard-working nurses give the boxes to the patients and we know they enjoy giving them out just as much as we enjoy putting them together. 


The items in the box are always changing because we like to surprise our chemo heroes with a host of useful and luxury products. Over the years we have received lots of positive feedback from patients but we are always willing to listen to new ideas of what can or should go in a ChemoHero box.


pill pots

Patients leave the hospital after their first treatment with an array of tablets to take. To avoid any confusion we include a pill pot so they can out what to take and when. 


drinks & snacks

Treatment can take a long time. We include some snacks and drink for the patient and their chemo buddy


head scarf

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. We've included a head scarf for ladies and a beanie for men to keep the warmth in.



Chemotherapy lowers the bodies immunity and keeping an eye on your temperature is vitally important, especially when the patients' chances of infections are heightened.



Gadgets, games, colouring books and activity books are in the box to help keep the patients occupied during their treatment

"I received my kindness in a box last Monday on the morning of my first Chemo treatment. I just want to say a HUUUUGE thank you for the box and for the overwhelming amount of helpful and lovely things inside it. I can’t put into words how grateful I am and how it made such a difference to me."