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Sandrine's Sky Dive!

In September Sandrine challenged herself to a skydive to raise money for ChemoHero. She raised an incredible £1400. Sandrine has had lots of challenges over the past year. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent 8 months of treatment. She received her Box of Kindness on her first treatment at the Seamoor Unit and in her own words felt so happy and overwhelmed by her box of little treats!

Sandrine and her children Lucas and Emma visited the ChemoHero HQ for a photo and to pack some boxes some of which are already at the Seamoor Unit waiting to spread some kindness to those people starting their treatment soon.

Sandrine also raised another £500 from her place of work and her daughters Primary School. We think you are a true ChemoHero Sandrine and everyone at ChemoHero thanks you for your amazing fundraising effects


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