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Top Volunteer Charlotte

Hello, What is your name?

Charlotte Turnbull

What inspired you to help ChemoHero?

I was inspired to help ChemoHero because I was in awe of how Lisa and her family had taken something negative and made it a positive.

What do you feel that you gain from being involved with ChemoHero?

When I volunteer with ChemoHero I gain a feeling that is hard to explain. I know I can't cure cancer or even treat it but when I volunteer with ChemoHero I know I am helping people have a better day when it should be awful. I guess what I gain from being involved with ChemoHero is immeasurable happiness, it's never dull or boring and always brings smiles to others.

What has been your proudest moment while volunteering for ChemoHero?

My proudest moment was receiving the Volunteer of the Year award in 2019. I'll never forget sitting in the audience waiting anxiously for my name to be called, I was so eager I began clapping in the middle of a musicians performance because I thought it had finished! Unsurprisingly there were lots of giggles and deep breaths needed to recover from this.