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Volunteer Profile

Hello, What is your name?

Bracken Fieldsend

What inspired you to help ChemoHero?

I experienced Lisa doing atalk about the boxes of kindness and she really inspired me. A few weeks later I started my Duke of Edinburgh award and knew immediately ChemoHero was where I wanted to volunteer and help as much as I could.

What do you feel that you gain from being involved with ChemoHero?

Since starting volunteering I’ve gained so much knowledge, not only about cancer and the chemotherapy process, but about how important kindness and compassion is in this day in age. Every minute spent down the unit or at a fundraising event teaches me key teamwork and communication skills and helps my confidence grow in ways that you can only learn through experience.

What has been your proudest moment while volunteering for ChemoHero?

When Laura, Charlotte & I were awarded our volunteer awards in 2019.

What sort of things do you do when you are volunteering?

Anything needed!! Down the unit it’s often reorganising or sorting stock, making up hampers, packing boxes (and leaflets!) or craft activities with other volunteers. At events it can be anything from marathon marshalling to car shows, fashion shows and raffles.

What are your interests outside of volunteering?

I’m currently doing my A levels at Exeter college so it’s mainly studying!! I also enjoy dance and going on walks with family and friends.

If you went to a dinner party anywhere in the world, where would it be? and who would you most like to sit next to and why?

Somewhere fancy with hot, sunny weather and a beautiful sunset. I’d love to sit next to so many people - Katie Piper, Little Mix, Emma Watson & Michelle Obama are big inspirations of mine, but I’d also want some friendly faces to help me keep my cool, so I’d definitely bring Lisa & Laura along too!!

Anything else you would like to tell us about volunteering for ChemoHero? It's up to you.

I love every minute of it!!!

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